BG Maintenance Products at Best Automotive Service & Repair Shop


MAINTENANCE: The key to keep your vehicle from having unexpected break downs, leaks, or failures is to keep it maintained properly. Original manufacture maintenance without the OE costs. It's really simple and affordable when you have a plan in mind.

What does vehicle maintenance mean to Best Automotive?
        Engine oil & Filter Change



We provide full service oil and filter changes for all makes and models. We are your Castrol authorized service center. From conventional oil to full synthetic and including the Castrol Magnatec oil. With every engine oil change we check your tire pressures, all exterior bulbs for proper function, wiper blades, all fluids, belts and hoses. If there is anything else that visually caught our attention we will inform you. This will allow you to make the best decisions for you and your vehicle.

       Scheduled fluid changes

When it comes to taking care of your transmission, power steering, differentials, cooling system, and your braking system we have the top of the line BG fluid exchanging machines. The BG equipment allows us to perform our job efficiently and accurately. We are able to take out all of your worn non-protective fluids and replenish with new, high quality fluids that will protect and allow years of problem free service.

        Tire Rotation & Wheel Alignment


As we all know quality tires are costly and taking care of our vehicle's tires can be easily forgotten. Allow us to make it our responsibility to make sure we get the most out of your investment. At every engine oil change interval we will inspect your tires. Every other oil change we will rotate your tires and keep an eye on your tire wear. Just by allowing our team to check/align your vehicle every 6 months can keep your tires wearing evenly and can prevent premature failure. It sounds costly but in reality it's not. An alignment check or even a full 4 wheel alignment is less expensive the 1 tire for most vehicles on the road today.